The Luna Moth Bot welcomes you to the world of robotics! This project demonstrates an inexpensive way to learn about mechanics, electronics, software, and the joys of creating a beginner’s robot. The Luna Moth Bot seeks out a bright spot in the room, much like its namesake, yet it has wheels instead of wings, photoresistors instead of eyes, a motor controller instead of a nervous system, and an Arduino instead of a brain.

It is also cute.

Getting a new set of eyes!

Want to see more pictures? Head over to Ed’s Flickr page.

Check out ‘The Story’ for adventures (and misadventures) I have encountered while working on this project, why I decided that I wanted my own robot in the first place, and how I was lucky enough to have some pretty awesome people to help me along the way.

‘The Guide’ is a complete guide to building your very own Luna Moth Bot at home…. or at least it will be, you know, when it is complete… It is still a work in progress. : )

– Laura


Being a goal-oriented person, I figured I should share my goals with you.

My writing goal is to make robotics as accessible by beginners as possible. Basically, I write in a way that I think the Laura from 2010 would have appreciated. I also hope to come up with newer and cooler ways of explaining things, making the blogging format ideal. I am grateful for all of the help that I have received so far so I would like to pay it forward by passing along this knowledge to you the best I can.

The design goal is to keep each section of the robot as simple as possible while still being clear and teachable. Now, of course, this does not mean that these concepts are simple, especially given the depth and breadth of the fields from which they stem, but by breaking down the robot piece by piece, it will make things as simple to illustrate as possible. Maybe it is just me, but as a result I find this robot to be beautiful in that regard. Ok, maybe I am a little biased. Or a lot.