The Luna Moth Bot welcomes you to the world of robotics! This project demonstrates an inexpensive way to learn about mechanics, electronics, software, and the joys of creating a beginner’s robot. The Luna Moth Bot seeks out a bright spot in the room, much like its namesake, yet it has wheels instead of wings, photoresistors instead of eyes, a motor controller instead of a nervous system, and an Arduino instead of a brain.

It is also cute.

Getting a new set of eyes!

Want to see more pictures? Head over to Ed’s Flickr page.

Check out ‘The Story’ for adventures (and misadventures) I have encountered while working on this project, why I decided that I wanted my own robot in the first place, and how I was lucky enough to have some pretty awesome people to help me along the way.

‘The Guide’ is a complete guide to building your very own Luna Moth Bot at home…. or at least it will be, you know, when it is complete… It is still a work in progress. : )

– Laura

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